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"Why Don't We Pretend to Be..."
Why dont we.png
Episode: "A Fiendish Friend"
Sung by: Charlotte
Length: 0:41

"Why Don't We Pretend To Be..." is a song featured in the episode "A Fiendish Friend, performed by Charlotte.


Why don't we pretend to be
Workers in a factory?
I'll glue eyeballs on to dolls
And you can check the quality.

Why don't we pretend to be
Telemarketers, yippee!
We can sell long-distance spends
And call and call and call!

And let's pretend, let's pretend.
It is fun to pretend.
Let's pretend, let's pretend.
Pretend that this is fun!

Why don't we pretend to be
CEOs of companies?
We can point at things on screens
And work hard at racquetball.

Why don't we pretend to be
Jellyfish, way out at sea?
We can drift along for hours
And never move at all!

(Chomp Sounds)