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Violetta on a picnic with Charlotte
Gender: Female
Hometown: Clamburg
Voiced by: Aglaia Mortcheva
First appearance
TV series:

Violetta (Aglaia Mortcheva) is Vendetta's mother. Like her husband, Viktor, she has been lives in her house with her husband & their only daughter Vendetta.

Character description

Vendetta brought Violetta and Viktor with their hamster cage to parent-teacher night. Charlotte immediately thought they were cute because of their tiny size. Violetta and Viktor noticed, just like their daughter, how annoying Charlotte could be when they had spent a whole day together with her.

It is possible that Vendetta used her parents to test the shrinking slug from "Shrinking Charlotte" or before, as according to the Nicktoons website description of them, they have not been seen in years. Violetta and Viktor do not appear in the web series. They appeared in three episodes of the TV series.


Violetta is a tiny chartreuse-colored woman who lives in a cage with Viktor. She has ball curls in her hair, light chartreuse eyeballs, and wears a chartreuse dress.


Violetta is unaware of Vendetta's cruelty and evilness. Both Violetta and Viktor disliked Charlotte since the day they spent together since she used them as toys and played with them. They, however, liked her at the picnic they had at the beginning of the episode, and when they had a tea party over at her and her grandmother Charlene's house. Like Charlotte, Violetta is seen to be nice to everyone. At the end of "Parentnapped", Violetta told Vendetta that she loved her, and Vendetta replied, "Do not make me angry!"