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The school menu at Mu Elementary School
Episode number: Web season 1
Episode 3
Air date: August 19, 2003
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey
Guest stars
Chris Fria

The third episode of the Making Fiends web series originally aired on August 19, 2003 at the Making Fiends website.


Charlotte notices that only beef jerky, clams and grape punch is being served at Mu Elementary School. Unhappy with this type of lunch, Charlotte sets out to add some vegetables to the meal. Vendetta is displeased by this decision, and when Charlotte insists, Vendetta gets mad and goes to her house to make some vegetable fiends that scream and chase the students. Satisfied, Vendetta and Grudge leave the cafeteria to eat outside. A while later, Vendetta can't hear any screams, so she walks back to the cafeteria. Charlotte says that the vegetables were so cute that she could not eat them, so she taught them a song. The vegetables start singing and after the song, Vendetta screams in anger and fear.



Memorable quotes

Vendetta: Hey, something's wrong. I don't hear any screams... or cries of pain.

Fiendish Trivia

  • In the television remake of this episode, the vegetables's line "...and your eyeballs will fall out" is changed to "...and your eyebrows will fall off".
  • The hidden message in this episode is: The THIRD episode of the original web series of Making Fiends. "Eat vegetables with every meal or your lips will start to peel and your eyebrows will fall out, and you feet will smell like trout!" A cartoon series by Amy Winfrey, the creator of and Big Bunny. This is a webtoon about two little girls: Charlotte and Vendetta.