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This article is about the TV episode. You may be looking for the web episode, the song or the fiends.
Vegetables terror.png
The vegetable fiends cause terror in the school cafeteria
Air date: October 5, 2008 (Nicktoons Network)
October 6, 2008 (Nickelodeon)
Written by: Madellaine Paxson
Story by: Amy Winfrey
Supervising director: Dave Wasson
Directed by: Martin Cendreda
Storyboard by: Jody Schaeffer
Guest stars
Chris Fria
The vegetables were so cute that I couldn't eat them, so I taught them a song!


Charlotte notices that the lunch lady, Mrs. Millet, only serves Vendetta's favorite food; beef jerky, grape punch, and clams, so Charlotte wants to have more vegetables on the menu.


Charlotte notices that the lunch lady, Mrs. Millet, only serves by the "triangle of tastiness": dried meats (beef jerky), mollusks (clams), and punches (grape punch). Vendetta states that everyone must obey, but Charlotte suggests that the menu needs vegetables. Vendetta, who hates vegetables, scoffs at the idea and throws a grape punch carton at her. The next day, Vendetta finds that Charlotte is working with Mrs. Millet, and to her dismay, a whole vegetable platter is prepared. Vendetta demands for her lunch to be returned, which was returned immediately.

Since Vendetta was not willing to try vegetables, Charlotte asks her grandmother Charlene if she has any suiting cookbooks. Revealing her enormous shelf of cookbooks, Charlene gives Charlotte a cookbook called Concealing Carrots. The next day, Charlotte is once again working with Mrs. Millet, to Vendetta's horror. Charlotte gives Vendetta a "clam, beef jerky and grape punch casserole". Vendetta tastes it and likes it, until she finds a carrot, that she thinks is poison. Charlotte reveals that carrots are the secret ingredient. Vendetta throws the food in Charlotte's face, and promises to make her vegetables.

Vendetta prepares some vegetable fiends and gives them to Charlotte the next day. As the screaming vegetables cause chaos throughout the cafeteria, Vendetta and Grudge take Marvin's lunch. Vendetta stops eating, noticing that she doesn't hear screaming or crying, and goes to investigate. Charlotte states the vegetables were "so cute" that she was not able to eat them, so she taught them a song instead. Vendetta, surprised by her statement, watches the screaming vegetables sing that you should "eat vegetables with every meal". The episode ends with the vegetables kissing Vendetta on the cheek and she screams in horror.



Memorable quotes

Charlotte: What about balance and nutrition?
Mrs. Millet: Oh, well, here we follow the triangle of tastiness.
Charlotte: Oh yay! ...what's that?

Vendetta: Yes! Everyone must obey the triangle of tastiness!
Charlotte: But what about vegetables?
Vendetta: Pah! What about them?
Charlotte: They should be on the menu too, because they're so healthy and delicious! (singing) Eat vegetables with every meal-- (Vendetta throws a grape punch carton at her)
Vendetta: That is what I think of your vegetables, you stupid blue girl! (walks away)
Charlotte: I think she's really going to like vegetables! Teehee!

Charlotte: Grandma! Do you have any cookbooks?
Charlene: Cookbooks? I love cookbooks! They have so many pretty pictures and nice recipes! What kind do you need?
Charlotte: I want to make lunch for my friend Vendetta. But she only likes clams, beef jerky and grape punch.
Charlene: Yum!
Charlotte: I know! But I think she should like vegetables, too.
Charlene: Well, of course she should! Let's see here. I have a cookbook or two that might help you out (reveals a big shelf with cookbooks and reads some of the book's titles) Pickling potatoes, Clam cabaret, Exquisite squids... Oh! Here we are!
Charlotte: Concealing carrots. Perfect!

Vendetta: (tastes Charlotte's dish) This is not as horrible as I thought it would be. (takes another bite) This is even... tasty! (takes one more bite, and suddenly stops chewing and finds a carrot in her mouth and takes it out) What is this? (points at Charlotte) You were trying to poison me! (believes she is going to die) I should have destroyed you when I had the chance! (falls to the ground)
Charlotte: Hee hee! Silly Vendetta! That's not poison. It's a carrot!
Vendetta: (stands up) What?!
Charlotte: Carrots are the secret ingredient. They make the casserole so delicious and nutritious!
Vendetta: You put vegetables in my food?! That is worse than poison!
Charlotte: I knew you'd love them!

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Background information

  • This episode is remake of the web episode of the same name.
  • Madellaine Paxson wrote this episode, but it is based on a story by Amy Winfrey.
  • According to Nicktoons, a grayish pink character in the school cafeteria is Maggie. This is however inaccurate as Maggie is seen with her regular appearance in the very same scene, and that same student is seen again in "New Best Friend", sitting next to Maggie.
    • This was her first appearence.
  • In the song, the web episode line "And your eyeballs will fall out...." was changed to "And your Eyebrows will fall out". This was most likely to make it more kid-friendly.


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