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Vegetable fiends
Vegetable fiends.png
The vegetable fiends sing the song that Charlotte taught them
Species: Fiends
Voiced by: Amy Winfrey
Peter Merryman
Aglaia Mortcheva
Chris Fria (carrot)
Ego Plum (tomato, broccoli)
First appearance
Web series:
TV series:

The vegetable fiends were fiends created by Vendetta. Their purpose was to create general chaos with their screaming in the school cafeteria. Charlotte found them cute, so instead of eating them, she taught them a song.

Background information

The vegetables in the web series.

  • In the TV episode, Peter Merryman voiced a pea-pod and potatoes, Amy Winfrey voiced a blue-striped vegetable and an eggplant, Chris Fria voiced a carrot, and Ego Plum voiced a tomato and a broccoli. Aglaia Mortcheva only contributed to the web episode, voicing unspecified vegetables. Plum only contributed to the TV episode.
  • In the web series, the peas did the same scream as Marion.