Making Fiends Wiki

Well, Hi. I am a BIG fan of making fiends, knowing of the web series before the TV series was even announced, around 2005-ish. However, to this day, I am one of the biggest fans ever of Making Fiends, even to the point where I am co-hosting a facebook and deviantart revival for it. (go like it!)

I also am the sole admin/bureaucrat on this wiki, after I adopted this wiki in November 2012. However even though I am a admin, I do not edit that much, as I have other pressing matters and other wikis to tend to. However, I do check this wiki every other day for vandals, and I am not afraid to ban them. At all. If I do not happen to be here and a vandal comes, please message me. I will respond within 12 hours. If it is minor vandalism, I would try to fix it myself. And if vandals do come to wreck the wiki, I WILL promote some people to rollbacks, so they can fight it.

Goals for the wiki

  • Create more pages for the wiki.
  • Create screenshot pages for each and every episode.
  • Fix most-all typos on the wiki
  • Create transcript pages for every episode.
  • Add to every trivia section, and create trivia sections on character pages.


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I will create some more, Like one for Vendetta, but give me time.

Pages I created

  • Charlotte's First Day Transcript

Pages I need to create.