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"The End of All Things"
Charlotte reveals a statue of Vendetta, painted with a potion that turns anything into a fiend.
Episode number: Web season 2
Episode 10
Air date: October 26, 2005
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Martin Cendreda
Eliza Chincarini
Peter Merryman
Amy Winfrey

"The End of All Things" is the twentieth episode of the Making Fiends web series. It is the continuation of the nineteenth episode "Concrete Shoes".


Charlotte returns to Clamburg by a friendly squid named Janet. Vendetta, waiting to destroy Charlotte this time, creates a potion so she can turn Charlotte's hamster Buttons into a fiend that will attack Charlotte. The potion takes one hour to complete so Vendetta sets a timer and sneaks over to Charlotte's house to steal Buttons. When she returns with Buttons, she finds out that Charlotte stole the fiend potion for a surprise for Vendetta at school.

At school, Charlotte stands in front of a large curtain. She then reveals a giant statue of Vendetta, painted with the potion. Vendetta's timer then goes off, signaling that the potion is complete. Suddenly, the giant statue, the paintbrush that was used to paint it, and the bucket holding the potion, all turn into fiends. The statue starts moving towards Vendetta, while the paintbrush and the bucket paint the buildings of the school, causing them to turn into fiends.

While the statue is hunting Vendetta, Grudge stands in front of the statue. Vendetta realizes that Grudge might be a good hamster after all. The statue grabs a tree and they run away. The statue and all the building fiends corner Grudge and Vendetta into a cliff, forcing them to jump off. Once Vendetta wakes up from passing out, she realizes she fell onto a boat Charlotte that had made out of pine. Vendetta, Charlotte, and all the other townspeople aboard the ship set sail, hoping to find new home to live on.


Memorable quotes

Vendetta: I will destroy you! Destroy you with fiends!
Charlotte: Hee hee! She's nice!

Background information

  • It is revealed that Charlotte can hold her breath for nine hours.
  • The episode was promoted as the last episode of the web series, until web episode 21 premiered.
  • The hidden message in this episode reads: The TWENTIETH episode of Making Fiends by Amy Winfrey. The end?


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