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This article is about the web episode. You may be looking for the fiend or the TV episode.
"Shrinking Slug"
The slug on its way to eat Charlotte.
Episode number: Web season 1
Episode 7
Air date: March 25, 2004 (Making Fiends Website)
November 14, 2009 (Nickelodeon)
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

The seventh episode of the Making Fiends web series originally aired on March 25, 2004 at the Making Fiends website.


Charlotte is shrunken by a shrinking slug fiend made by Vendetta. Vendetta and Grudge are accidentally shrunken, too. They head home to make a cure. Vendetta makes gianting squid fiends that makes her huge. But she accidentally touches the shrinking slug, and is shrunken to normal size. The slug falls down in the squids's bowl and grows huge. Charlotte, who thinks the squids are ponies, touches one of them and grows bigger than the slug. Vendetta takes two squids to grow even bigger than Charlotte. The slug prepares to eat Charlotte, but the Giant Kitty eats the slug and shrinks. The kitty then eats a gianting squid and grows and shrinks repeatedly, which causes the same to shrink and grow as well, until an explosion occurs. The Giant Kitty is back to normal size and runs away. Everyone else returns to normal size, except for Vendetta, who still appears to be small.


Fiendish Trivia

  • The episode was the first to air in three months.
  • The hidden message in this episode was The SEVENTH episode of Making Fiends. We could all live in a shoebox and eat gumdrops every day! A cartoon series by Amy Winfrey, the creator of and Big Bunny. Vendetta finds a way to be big.
  • when this episode aired on Nickelodeon, this was part of the Bigger Badder Saturday event along with new episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Back at the Barnyard and The Mighty B!.