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The Making Fiends Season Two DVD.

The second season of the Making Fiends web series aired for 11 episodes between September 11, 2004 and October 26, 2005.

List of episodes

Image # Title Original airdate[1]
"No More Charlotte"
September 11, 2004
Charlotte was eaten by the Giant Kitty fiend much to the delight of Vendetta. But Vendetta is eaten as well and ended up, trapped, in the Giant Kitty's stomach with Charlotte. Vendetta soon sets a boundary for them because of Charlotte's annoyance.
October 12, 2004
To celebrate Chester A. Arthur's birthday, Vendetta calls for an election for class president. Charlotte nominates Marion, against her own will, while Vendetta nominates Marvin to try to beat Charlotte.
November 28, 2004
Vendetta brings an invisible fiend to attack Charlotte, however, Charlotte accidentally turns invisible herself by drinking Vendetta's potion.
"Wonderful Wintry Day"
December 17, 2004
When Vendetta decides to skip a school day, Mr. Milk is very happy because he actually doesn't have to do what Vendetta wants him to do for a change. Soon he starts to sing a song and gets the rest of the class to sing with him.
"Valentine's Day"
February 3, 2005
During Valentine's Day, Charlotte sends a Valentine's Day card to Vendetta and, out of irritation, she creates a big heart fiend who wants everyone's hearts.
"Rainy Day Schedule"
March 17, 2005
Vendetta calls for a "Rainy Day schedule" because of the precipitation outside. She brings out a Rainy Day Activity Box because Charlotte annoys her and pleads for it unknowing of what would happen. Vendetta opens the box and out come these noise-making fiends which make very loud, screeching noises.
"April Fool's"
April 3, 2005
During April Fools' Day, Vendetta plots to send Charlotte into space because of Charlotte's annoying April Fools'. Vendetta, however, gets tied onto the rocket that was going to be launched into space because of her colorblind fiends. Charlotte wants to join her and they both get launched into space.
May 20, 2005
Charlotte gives Vendetta a music card which is very irritating to Vendetta. To stop the noise, Grudge eats it, but when he hiccups the song plays which still annoys Vendetta. She fires him and makes a new fiend to her sidekick, Rubella who helps her destroy Charlotte.
"Concrete Shoes"
September 1, 2005
After having been tricked into the ocean while wearing concrete shoes, Charlotte is trapped at the bottom of the ocean. She manages to survive when Buttons 2 drops a salad bowl onto her head.
"The End of All Things"
October 26, 2005
Charlotte returned in this episode by a friendly squid named Janet. Vendetta, waiting to destroy Charlotte this time, creates a potion that will turn anything into a fiend. Charlotte finds the paint and uses it to paint a statue of Vendetta. The statue soon comes to life along with all other buildings in Clamburg, making the town an unsafe place to live.
"[[Making Fiends Thanksgiving Special]]"
November 24, 2007
While still sailing from the previous episode, Vendetta complains that she is hungry for clams, however Charlotte only filled the ship with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Mr. Milk soon discovers a small piece of land.

Alternate versions

Alternate versions of the episodes are available on the DVD release.

Episode Alternate version
"No More Charlotte" All characters have beards.
"Election" Patriotic version with stars in the background and Mr. Milk dressed as the Statue of Liberty.
"Invisible" Extra invisible.
"Wonderful Wintry Day" Fancy dress version; girls wear dresses, boys wear suits, and Scissor Fiend, flowers, birds etc. wear ties.
"Valentine's Day" Super pretty version.
"Rainy Day Schedule" Snowy version; instead of raining, it snows and whenever someone says "rain" a low-toned computerized speech simulator says "snow" over it.
"April Fool's" With or without English subtitles.
"Rubella" All characters are muffins.
"Concrete Shoes" The setting in the background has pictures from around the world.
"The End of All Things" Alternate ending with Vendetta moving to Florida and never seeing Charlotte again.

Background information

  • "April Fool's" is in Bulgarian.
  • Episodes 18–21 are continuous.
  • Web episode 21 is not directly linked on the Making Fiends website and not included on the DVD set.


  1. Air dates have been found by using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.