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"Rainy Day Schedule"
Episode number: Web season 2
Episode 16
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey

The sixteenth web episode of Making Fiends web series follows Vendetta putting the class on her "rainy day schedule."


The episode starts with Mr. Milk trying to start a lesson when Vendetta interupts and forces him to start recess. Charlotte, being as energetic as usual, runs outside and starts using the slide, despite the fact that it's raining. Vendetta slams the door and declares the class to be in rainy day schedule. Charlotte returns, wondering why no one else is playing and discovers it is rainy day schedule. When Charlotte is in her seat, she annoys Vendetta by asking her a question in which Vendetta responds by hitting her with a dictionary. Charlotte sees the word Vendetta in the book and exclaims to Vendetta that she is in the dictionary. Vendetta, annoyed, threatens that if Charlotte continues to pester her, she will open the rainy day activity box. Charlotte excitedly asks for the box to which Malachi protests. Vendetta then opens the box, releasing a swarm of red fiends who go crazy with activities. Vendetta then takes a nap where she is enjoying a nice, quiet picnic only to be interrupted by ants with Charlotte's head. The ants begin dancing, which annoys Vendetta to smash the six ants with a wooden mallet. When she awakes, she discovers Charlotte has singlehandedly defeated the fiends by giving them bubble gum which they assumably had chewed, popped, and gotten stuck to another fiend resulting in a giant cluster united with gum. Vendetta, out raged by Charlotte, leaves with Grudge using Mr. Milk as an umbrella.

Background information

  • The hidden message above the video on reads: The SIXTEENTH episode of Making Fiends by Amy Winfrey. It's a rainy day!"


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