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John pony.png
Charlotte terrorizes the citizens of Clamburg with her pony John
Air date: November 1, 2008
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Supervising director: Dave Wasson
Directed by: Martin Cendreda
Storyboard by: Rob Fendler
Guest stars
Dee Bradley Baker

"Pony" is a television episode of Making Fiends that aired on November 1, 2008 with "Tornado" and "Shorts: Set 2". It is the final episode in the TV series.


Charlotte is practicing her lasso, however she finds it difficult because she doesn't have a pony to practice with. She then remembers that Vendetta creates all kinds of things, and askes her to make a pony. Charlotte runs off, to draw what kind of pony she wants. Vendetta and Grudge take advantage of this opportunity, and walks off to avoid Charlotte. However, no matter where ever Vendetta went, she couldn't avoid Charlotte, especially in her own house. At school, Vendetta strictly claims that "she does not make ponies," and Charlotte reminds her "that she makes things all the time and she even made a pet for Malachi." Vendetta agrees to this, and decides to make a pony for Charlotte.

Vendetta shows Charlotte her new pony, and Charlotte immediately loves it. She askes Vendetta if "it's a girl pony or a boy pony" which Vendetta carelessly answers with "I don't know. A girl?". Charlotte becomes happier, and decides to name her pony "John." When Charlotte and John run off throughout town, much to Vendetta's dismay, she assumes that it'll eat Charlotte soon. But the two cause chaos and havoc amongst the town, even the Giant Kitty feared them. With no other choice, the townspeople had to turn to Vendetta for help. Vendetta laughs at the idea and refuses to help them, but when Charlotte and John are chasing the Giant Kitty around, everyone rushes into Vendetta's house. Marion claims that "it's much safer there", and this insults Vendetta where they fear Charlotte more than they fear her. Reluctantly, she agrees to help everyone, then throws them out so then she can work on getting rid of Charlotte's pony fiend.

While Charlotte is tying up the Giant Kitty, John eats one of Vendetta's statue's pigtails. Vendetta claims that John has to go, but John is eager to eat one of Vendetta's actual pigtails. While he approaches her, Vendetta stands there on the hill, calm and relaxed. When John is a few feet in her range, Vendetta blows her green whistle and a giant brown eagle fiend emerges from behind. It picks up John and flies off with him. Charlotte follows John while waving goodbye and shouting out her final quote. Vendetta stands triumphantly. When the townspeople cheer and praise Vendetta for rescuing them, she tells them to leave her alone or she will call her fiend back. The series ends with the townspeople running off in fear, and Vendetta laughing proudly.



Fiendish Trivia

  • This is the final episode to air before Making Fiends got cancelled.

Memorable quotes

Vendetta: Ah! Do not touch me with rope!

Vendetta: NO! I do not make ponies!
Charlotte: But you make things all the time! You made a pet for Malachi! (points to the fiend licking Malachi)
Vendetta: That is true.. perhaps, you do deserve a pony. A very special pony. Meet me tomorrow in the park and I will give you a pony that you will not forget.

Charlotte: Is it a girl pony or a boy pony?
Vendetta: (shrugs) I don't know. A girl?
Charlotte: Oh yay! I think I'll call her John!

[last lines]
Mr. Milk: Thank you for saving us, uh, Vendetta.
Marion: Yes, I'm glad that you left-
Vendetta: Leave me alone, or I will call my fiend back. [everyone runs away and Vendetta laughs evilly]