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Pigeon fiends
Pigeon fiend.png
Species: Fiend
Voiced by: Amy Winfrey
First appearance
TV series:
  "Mama Vendetta"

They are explosive Bird-like Fiends created by Vendetta to both protect her statue and keep Charlotte away from it. These are the first fiends shown to actually hatch out of eggs and to not be created with a violent nature. These fiends seem to be drawn to the first person they see after hatching from the green eggs. Their destructive ability is that they are really bombs with a fuse automatically lit on their heads. If they receive a major impact, they will explode as demonstrated by Vendetta. This would explain why they do not have a violent nature; to draw people close to them because of their cuteness then explode. It is still unknown for sure if Vendetta purposely created them this way or not. It appears that a while after hatching, they gain the ability to fly, as shown when Vendetta threw them of a cliff, and they flew back up to Vendetta.


  • Although Vendetta calls these fiends pigeon fiends, their appearances more resemble chicks.