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"No Singing"
No singing charlotte.png
Due to Maggie's sad poem, Charlotte is feeling depressed and doesn't feel like singing.
Air date: October 11, 2008
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Supervising director: Dave Wasson
Directed by: Dave Knott
Storyboard by: James Suhr
Stop that! Did I not tell you to stop singing that stupid song?


Vendetta is extremely tired of Charlotte's happy songs, so she makes a fiend to destroy singers. However, Maggie reads a sad poem about a lost kitten, and suddenly Charlotte doesn't feel like singing. Vendetta does everything she can to make her sing again.


Marvin is walking down the street, humming, annoying Grudge and Vendetta. Grudge grabs him in the shin. This frightens him, in which Charlotte sings about her lungs. A fiends haunts Malachi in the playground and Vendetta is happy, but then is angered by Charlotte singing about monkeys. She enters school and reads "Mean Magazine".

Charlotte sings a different song about monkeys and then hums and then gives Vendetta a sailor hat, made out of the same magazine she was reading earlier. Then, Charlotte sings again, infuriating Vendetta once more. In order to stop Charlotte's singing once and for all, she makes the Crush fiend, which can destroy anything or anyone that projects singing with a wooden mallet.

The next day, Maggie reads a sad poem about a cat meowing and spinning, which then causes Charlotte to become sad for majority of the day. Vendetta, eager to strike Charlotte when she sings again, is surprised to find her in a depressed state. For this matter, Vendetta does everything in her power to make Charlotte happy again, by showing the things that make her happy, and the things that normally make Charlotte happy and singing nearly all the time, but with no effect. Charlotte asks what she should do if she wants to get a kitten down from somewhere high, but Vendetta's responses only makes her feel worse

Everyone spent the entire day trying to make Charlotte happy, and still, not a single smile from her. Vendetta has had it with her, and the last thing she does is make a sailor hat like Charlotte used to in hat. Then Vendetta mocks Charlotte by the way she acts and sings. Accidentally, this caused her Crush Fiend to try smashing her instead of Charlotte like she intended. As Vendetta is being chased, Charlotte hesitantly puts the hat on, and immediately smiles once again, right after Vendetta leaves.


  • Crush fiend


Memorable quotes

Vendetta: Stop that! Did I not tell you to stop singing that stupid song?
Charlotte: This is a different song!

Vendetta: The moment Charlotte sings, the fiend will get angry. And when he gets angry...
(She turns on Mr. Milk's radio that starts playing a song.)
Female Voice on Radio: Why not keep a weasel in your pocket
Fiend: No singing! AAAAARGH!!!
(He raises his giant mallet and crushes the radio to kingdom come.)
Vendetta: He will crush her! Crush her and her hats! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Maggie: I wrote a poem... It's called "Tragedy of the Hopelessness Number 4".
Charlotte: Yippee!

Vendetta: You are wasting my fiend. Sing!
Charlotte: But Vendetta, what can I do if a kitty is stranded up high and I want to get it down?
Vendetta: You could shoot it... with a water gun. Or you could throw puppies at it until it loses its grip. Or you could do nothing. I am sure that the kitten will get weak with hunger and fall down all by itself.
(Grudge and the crush fiend nod their heads at each other suspiciously as Charlotte begins to cry.)
Vendetta: Ugh!

Background information

  • The crush fiend was made by using grape punch, crunchy spiders and a toasted bread, and then put in the microwave.
  • This marked the first time Charlotte was ever seen crying.
  • The song that played on the radio was called "Why Not Keep A Weasel In Your Pocket?".