"No More Charlotte"
Charlotte and Vendetta in the Giant Kitty's stomach.
Episode number: Web season 2
Episode 1
Air date: September 11, 2004
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

"No More Charlotte" is the eleventh episode of the Making Fiends web series. It originally aired on September 11, 2004 at the Making Fiends website. The episode is the continuation of "Pet Sitting", in which Charlotte was eaten by the Giant Kitty.


In the previous episode, Charlotte was eaten by the Giant Kitty. Vendetta is happy that Charlotte is gone, but the cat eats her too. She falls down to the stomach and she meets Charlotte, much to her dismay. Charlotte annoys Vendetta with talking about cheese. Vendetta points out her side of the stomach and starts reading a magazine whilst waiting for her fiends to rescue her. Charlotte continues to annoy Vendetta with things she finds. Vendetta tries to find a way out, while Marvin's piano is eaten by the cat. Charlotte starts playing the piano and singing a song about Vendetta.

When the song is over, Vendetta has already starting to give up hope. But then Charlotte says it's almost dinner time and she has to head home. Vendetta reminds her that they are trapped inside a cat. Charlotte then shows Vendetta the exit door that she knew about all along.


Memorable quotesEdit

Vendetta: Oh what a wonderful day! No Charlotte at school. There is no Charlotte in her stupid little house. There is no Charlotte in the park, feeding bunnies and puppies. There is no Charlotte anywhere! All because of me! Me, me, me!

Charlotte: Finally! We get to play together all alone!
Vendetta: This cannot be happening.
Charlotte: I know, it's like a dream come true!

Vendetta: We are inside the stomach of a terrible fiend! We will be digested! We will begin to melt horribly! Like little pieces of cheese!
Charlotte: Oh! I like to pretend to be cheese! What kind of cheese are you?
Vendetta: Get away from me!
Charlotte: I am double cream brie!
Vendetta: Aah! No, stay back!
Charlotte: I think you should be gouda!
Vendetta: No! I am not a cheese!

Fiendish TriviaEdit

  • This episode is the continuation of "Pet Sitting" from season one.
  • The hidden message in this episode is: The ELEVENTH episode of Making Fiends by Amy Winfrey. Vendetta is pleased with life!


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