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Neighbor song.png
Episode: "Tornado"
Sung by: Charlotte
Length: 0:48

"Neighbors" is a song performed by Charlotte and Vendetta in "Tornado, when they became neighbors.


Charlotte: I can borrow sugar when I want to bake a cake
When there're leaves up to your knees I'll let you use my rake
I will climb your pretty fence to fetch my basketball

Vendetta: Ah!! I had better build a wall!

Charlotte: We can use your wall for games like racquetball and squash
Set a lemonade stand up or maybe a car wash
I will mow your lawn and save up money for a goat

Vendetta: No! I had better make a moat!

Charlotte: We can go swimming in your pretty pretty pool
In the summer when it's hot the water will be cool
It will be so fun when you install a water slide

Vendetta: Ah, forget it! I'm going to stay inside!!