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Mu Elementary School
Mu Elementary.jpg
City: Clamburg
Stories: 1
Personnel: Mr. Milk
Ms. Minty
Mrs. Millet
First appearance
Web series:
  "New Student"
TV series:
  "Charlotte's First Day"

Mu Elementary School is a school in Clamburg. The evil Vendetta is self-elected in charge of the school, since every teacher, with the exception of Ms. Minty, is afraid of her and her homemade fiends.

The School

The school is split into five different buildings. The first building to the left includes classrooms 1 and 2, the second includes classrooms 3 and 4. The third building, however, has not ever been seen inside, so its function is unknown. It is most likely the school library. The fourth building is the cafeteria, where Mrs. Millet is the lunch lady.

Mr. Milk is the teacher in room 4, Vendetta and Charlotte's class. Ms. Minty was a substitute teacher during Mr. Milk's absence in the web series, but is possibly a teacher of another class as well.

Like the rest of Clamburg, the environment is very dull and gray. The schoolyard is full of Vendetta's fiends. Only Charlotte finds it amusing.


There is a sign that says Mu Element as most of it was bitten off, probably by the Giant Kitty. Obviously, the "element" used to say Elementary, but it is unknown what "mu" used to be. It is possible that the "mu" stands for "muffin", as one of Amy Winfrey's works before Making Fiends was Muffin Films.