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Mr. Huggles
Mr Huggles.png
Mr. Huggles hugging Charlotte
Gender: Male
Species: Fiend
Voiced by: Peter Merryman
First appearance
TV series:
  "Super Evil"

Mr. Huggles (Peter Merryman) is the fiend Charlotte made in "Super Evil". He was made with ingredients that "smelled nice" and were "so cute!" Mr. Huggles hugs everything, including trees and Vendetta. In fact, it could be considered he basically hugged everyone and almost everything. When he hugged Grudge, he hugged him back.


Mr. Huggles is a large, fuzzy pink-furred fiend with rather large hands, somewhat shaped like mittens. He has not distinct features, except for his large eyes and wide, toothy mouth, and he is always smiling.


Mr. Huggles is a joyful and happy fiend, unlike most, due to the fact that Charlotte created him with nice ingredients. He loves everyone and everything in sight, and hugs anything, thus earning him his name.