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"Marvin the Middle Manager"
Marvin the Middle Manager 2.png
Vendetta gives Marvin everything he needs on his first day at work.
Episode number: Season 1
Episode 12
Air date: October 18, 2008
Written by: Peter Merryman
Supervising director: Dave Wasson
Directed by: Dave Knott
Storyboard by: Mike Moloney

Vendetta decides she's too powerful to sit in school all day. She hires Marvin to run things in her absence, but he may not be up to the task of destroying Charlotte.

Plot summary

Charlotte sings a song about how much she loves Mu Elementary. Vendetta tells her to be quiet, but Charlotte states that Vendetta must love school a whole lot since she comes every day. Vendetta, disagreeing with this, decides that she will not come to school anymore but that she couldn't just leave it alone. She picks Marvin to be her middle manager for when she wasn't there, to make sure people don't become happy. Then she tells him to meet her at her house the next day.

Marvin shows up at Vendetta's house, and she states that he is late and needs to get going. Vendetta hands him a manual, cell phone, and a checklist of things he needed to do. Marvin tries to finish his goals but reaches a few problems; his cell phone being destroyed and his manual being eaten by the Library fiends. Charlotte agrees to help him and states that it'll be fun. With Charlotte's help, Marvin gets all of his goals accomplished and relaxes in the classroom.

Marvin asks Charlotte what's next on the list, which is "number twenty-seven: destroy Charlotte." Marvin becomes surprised by this and Charlotte comes up with a list of ideas that could destroy her, each which Marvin didn't want to do. The two (in which Marvin was forced) conclude that Charlotte will dress up as a butterfly who gets hit by a piano. Vendetta, bored from being home all day, becomes anxious for Marvin to call. Charlotte calls Vendetta, to her surprise, and states that the day had been fun. Vendetta begins to think in horror about all the students singing and being happy and rushes over to the school. Just as the piano was about to fall on Charlotte, Vendetta enters and ruins the plan. The episode ends with Vendetta's fiends taking Marvin away, and she states, "nobody does my job better than me", in which Charlotte agrees.



Memorable quotes

Marvin: My doooooom!

Marvin: My cocoa! Thanks, Rick. What's next?
Charlotte: Oh, it's the last thing on the list! Number 27, destroy Charlotte. Heehee! That sounds easy enough. Maybe I could be attacked by wolverines!
Marvin: Eh...
Charlotte: Or how about if I was catapulted to the moon!
Marvin: My budget won't-
Marvin: I know! I could dress up like a fly! No, wait, wait! Butterflies are prettier! I'll be a butterfly that gets hit by a piano!

Vendetta: Television is stupid.

Marvin: Are you sure you want to-
Charlotte: Come on! It'll be fuuuun!
Marvin: Alriiiight..

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Background information

  • The episode premiered on October 18, 2008, on Nicktoons Network.
  • This is the first and only appearance of the Library fiends in the TV series.