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Marion's fiend
Marions fiend.png
Gender: Male
Species: Fiend
Voiced by: Dave Wasson
First appearance
TV series:
  "New Best Friend"
"He is perfect! Once he eats Charlotte she'll, she'll never stick her nose into other people's business ever again!"
Marion when the fiend was finished[src]

When Vendetta stayed at Marion's house and they became close friends, Marion got the chance to create her own fiend to destroy Charlotte. The result was a blue, crab-like creature.


It was Marion's decision to destroy Charlotte, since she found her annoying when she revealed digging tools and other things Marion was planning on using to escape to Canada. When the fiend was done, Vendetta received a phone call where she was told her house was free of termites and she could move back home. After Vendetta had left, the fiend was hungry for Marion's digging tools. The next day, the house was ruined and Marion had to stay at Charlotte's house until it was repaired.

Background information

  • It liked to eat digging tools.