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Marion in the TV series
Gender: Female
Hometown: Clamburg
Voiced by: Amy Winfrey
First appearance
Web series:
  "New Student"
TV series:
  "Charlotte's First Day"

Marion is a student at Mu Elementary School. She sits next to Charlotte. Marion is voiced by Amy Winfrey. Marion is smarter then she appears, because she made several complicated plans to flee to Canada, but Charlotte tried to show Vendetta her plans so she couldn't do most of them.


Marion is an overweight medium turquoise schoolgirl who sits next to Charlotte. She is very shy and always whispers. She is usually the first to scream when one of Vendetta's fiends attack. On Charlotte's first day, Marion warned Charlotte for the evil Vendetta and her "horrible fiends".[1] Marion really does not have any interests or hobbies, but played the triangle in the marching band Charlotte formed in "Smash". She appears to like collecting glass figurines.



Marion is terrified of Vendetta. Marion has been planning an escape from Clamburg to Canada for years, and tries to in one episode before being interrupted by Vendetta.[2] Because of this, she has formed a fascination with mining. She flees at any sign of danger. She despises Vendetta for the most part, going as far as hanging pictures of Vendetta on her wall and crossing her out.[2] When she became best friends with Vendetta, she was blinded by all the power and tried to destroy Charlotte with a fiend she created on her own.[2]


Marion is cyan and overweight with two buns in her hair. She speaks quietly.

The fiend Marion created to destroy Charlotte.

Fiend making

When Marion temporarily became best friends with Vendetta, she made a large, blue, clawed fiend to destroy Charlotte. However, the fiend instead took an interest in her digging tools, eating them and destroying Marion's house.[2]


  • Marion's sound of shock from the web series was "EEEEEEE!" like Charlotte's hamster Buttons. In the TV series, this is changed to a scream than a shriek.


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