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"Mama Vendetta"
Charlotte Vendetta Pigeons.png
The pigeon fiends believe Vendetta is their mother.
Air date: October 5, 2008
Written by: Matt Negrete
Supervising director: Dave Wasson
Directed by: Dave Knott
Storyboard by: Rob Fendler

"Mama Vendetta" is a television episode of Making Fiends that aired on October 5 with "Vegetables" and "Toupee".


To remind everyone how powerful she is, Vendetta erects a giant statue of herself. However, soon enough Charlotte starts to make it pretty and swing from it's elbow, annoying Vendetta deeply. To keep Charlotte away from her statue, she creates some exploding pigeon fiends. But they think Vendetta is their mother because, as Charlotte said, "she hatched them with her love". vendetta orders grudge take the pigeons away but grudge is shown to be too scared and ruins to hide in a bush where he hides for the rest of the epusode

Since Vendetta's the mother, Charlotte takes up the role as their father. However when Charlotte starts playing with them, they start blowing up, freaking Vendetta out. In the end, Vendetta starts throwing the Pigeon Fiends down the cliff. However, they start flying



Memorable quotes

Townspeople: (talking)
Vendetta: Ack! Be quiet! Everyone knows that I am to be feared and respected! But since you are all stupid, I have created something to remind you! (laughs) Hamster!
Grudge: (takes the cover off the statue)
Charlotte (appears from behind the statue) Teehee! Your statue is so pretty, Vendetta!
Vendetta: What?!

Charlotte: And it's so, so fun to swing from your pretty, pretty elbow! (hops down and swings on the statue's elbow) Whee! Whee! Whee!
Vendetta: Stop it! You are not to swing from my elbow! You are to show fear and respect to my elbow!

Charlotte: Oh, hi Vendetta! Don't you just love your pretty new hat? It matches your pretty new purse!
Vendetta: I do not have a purse.
Charlotte: Yes you do! (gestures towards the purse) It matches your pretty new lipgloss!
Vendetta: No! Do not touch my lips!
Charlotte: (pulls out a paintbrush)
Vendetta: My lips are not to be glossy!
Charlotte: (paints a smile on the statue) Yay! Teehee! (swings on the statue's elbow then sings) Pretty pretty pretty, Vendetty-ditty-ditty.

Vendetta: What are you doing!? My exploding pigeon fiends are not to explode giant hamsters! They are to destroy stupid little girls, who are blue and ruins statues! (laughs)

Charlotte: (singing) Pretty pretty pretty pink, makes you prettier I think. Yippee! Yippee! Yippee, yippee, yippee! (notices Vendetta laying the eggs on the ground) Hi Vendetta! Are you hiding Easter eggs? (gasps) Can I play?
Vendetta: No! I am hatching my pigeon fiends, which will climb up this ladder and explode you! (the eggs hatch) What are you waiting for, pigeon fiends? Explode her! (pigeon fiends come closer to Vendetta) Attack! Attack her, you stupid pigeons! Ahhh! Why are you coming closer? Do not come any closer? Shoo! Go away! Go away!
Charlotte: (slides down ladder) How cute! They think you're their mommy!
Vendetta: What!? I am not their mommy! Why would they think such a stupid thing!?
Charlotte: Because you hatched them with your love! They want to love you back!
Vendetta: Your talk of love makes me sick!

Background Information

  • When Charlotte mentioned the Pigeon Fiends formed a V for Vendetta, it is a direct reference to the film "V For Vendetta".



Vendetta will get revived in the next episode, so Charlotte won't get arrested for murder.