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"Making Friends"
Celebration of friendship.png
Vendetta shows Charlotte her celebration of their friendship.
Episode number: Web episode 22
Air date: April 1, 2012
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

"Making Friends" is the 22nd web episode of Making Fiends. It premiered on April 1, 2012.


In this episode, Charlotte and Vendetta's roles are reversed; Vendetta is the good one and Charlotte is the evil one. The episode begins with Vendetta going to Charlotte's house to play, but she is busy making a fiend to destroy her. Charlotte begins to sing a song about the many fiends she can choose from. Charlotte finally makes up her mind and tells Vendetta to come back later. At school the next day the sky was blue and everything was so colorful, meanwhile Vendetta gives Charlotte a big bouquet of balloons. Charlotte brings a evil giant pigeon named Fienderick to destroy Vendetta. Instead of destroying her, it eats the balloon's air tank and blows up.


Background information

  • This episode was made by a "fancy fiend" named Foggington Dunkel the Third, who was kept in charge of the website while Amy Winfrey was at the Fork and Toaster Convention. He redesigned the entire website and removed the old web episodes.
  • Despite that it was an April Fool's Day joke, the episode stayed visible on the website until mid April.
  • This is the first Making Fiends episode since the TV episodes in 2008, and the first web episode since 2003.
  • This episode is the only episode of the web series that does not have a hidden message.