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Charlotte singing "Concrete Shoes" in the web series.

Please note that the songs do not have official titles; the titles listed below are what seem most logical.

Almost every episode contains a musical number, mainly sung by Charlotte. Episodes that lack songs include "Shrinking Slug", "Rainy Day Schedule", "Rubella", "Super Evil" and "Parentnapped". Some episodes have two or more songs. Around 40 songs have been performed. The song "Monkeys" have been sung in three episodes, but with different lyrics. The theme song appears in every episode.

Web series

Season 1

Episode Song Performer(s)
New Student Kitty Charlotte
Show and Tell Monkeys Charlotte
Vegetables Eat Vegetables with Every Meal Vegetable fiends
Scissor Fiend Vendetta's My Friend Charlotte
Halloween Today is Halloween Charlotte
Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty Charlotte
Birthday Happy Birthday Vendetta
Mrs. Minty No. 2 Pencil Charlotte
Feeding Pets Feeding Vendetta's Pets Charlotte
Fancy Hat

Season 2

Episode Song Performer(s)
No More Charlotte Vendetta Charlotte
Election Vote, Vote, Vote Charlotte
President Vendetta
Invisible Invisible Charlotte
Wonderful Wintry Day Wonderful Wintry Day Mr. Milk, Marvin, Marion, Maggie, Charlotte, Malachi and flowers
Valentine's Day Chocolate Lake Charlotte and Vendetta
April Fool's Shiny Shiny Puny Star Charlotte
Concrete Shoes Concrete Shoes Charlotte
The End of All Things With You Charlotte
Web episode 21 Clams Charlotte


Episode Song Performer(s)
Christmas Bonus Christmas Bonus Charlotte and Vendetta
Making Friends A Fiend to Destroy You Charlotte

TV series

Episode Song Performer(s)
Charlotte's First Day Swing Set Charlotte
A Fiendish Friend Why Don't We Pretend to Be... Charlotte
Vegetables Eat Vegetables with Every Meal Vegetable fiends
Toupee Could I Be a Swiss Banker? Mr. Milk, Ms. Minty and Toupee fiend
Mama Vendetta Pretty Pink Charlotte
We're Happy Family
Shrinking Charlotte Now That We're Small Charlotte
Parents Now You're Here Charlotte
No Singing Lungs Charlotte
Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! A Surprise for Vendetta Charlotte clones
Shorts: Set 1 Onions Onion chanteuse
What a Pretty Town Charlotte
Marvin the Middle Manager My School Charlotte
Middle Managing
Butterfly Charlotte and Marvin
Smash Pancakes Charlotte
New Best Friend Me and My Best Friend Marion Vendetta
Tornado Neighbors Charlotte and Vendetta
Shorts: Set 2 Cheese, Charlotte and Vendetta
If I Lived Upon the Moon Charlotte
If You Lived Upon the Moon Vendetta
Pony Pony for Me Charlotte
I've Got a Pony