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Every fiend is made by Vendetta, excluding Mr. Huggles, whom Charlotte made, and a claw fiend, which Marion made.

TV series

Episode Picture Name Task Creator
All episodes Grudge-2.png Grudge To be Vendetta's henchman Vendetta
Many episodes Giant Kitty.png Giant Kitty To terrorize the citizens of Clamburg
Red bird fiend.png Red bird fiend To keep an eye on Mr. Milk
Red frog fiend.png Toad fiend To keep an eye on Mrs. Millet
"Charlotte's First Day" Tentacle.png Tentacled fiend To eat Charlotte
"A Fiendish Friend" Buttons 2.png Buttons 2 To cut Charlotte
"Super Evil" Mr Huggles.png Mr. Huggles To hug everyone. Charlotte
"Vegetables" Vegetable fiends.jpg Vegetable fiends To annoy Charlotte and cause general chaos Vendetta
"Toupee" Toupee milk.png Toupee fiend To make Mr. Milk's, or anyone else's, wishes to come true, in exchange; Charlotte's destruction
"Mama Vendetta" Pigeons.png Pigeon fiends To blow up Charlotte
"Shrinking Charlotte" Slug.png Shrinking slug fiend To shrink and then eat Charlotte
Gianting Squid.png Gianting squid fiends To make Vendetta big again
"Parents" Mom and dad fiend.png Mom and Dad fiend Substitute parents for Charlotte and then destroy her
"No Singing" Crushing fiend.png Crush fiend To crush Charlotte (or anyone else) if if hears the person singing
"Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!" Fiends.png Guard dog fiends To keep Charlotte away from Vendetta
"Shorts: Set 1" Book fiend.png Book fiend To be Vendetta's "Stupid Journal".
Unknown fiends.png Fuzzy ball fiends


To get Charlotte out of Vendetta's home.

Unfinished fiend.png Unfinished fiend
"Marvin the Middle Manager" Unnamed fiends.png Rick To make students scream and
serve Marvin his chocolate
Purple fiend.png Unnamed fiend Unknown
Library fiend.png Library fiends

To eat books

"Parentnapped" Burtly fiend.png Burly fiend To steal things
"Smash" Smash fiend.png Smash To smash Charlotte
"New Best Friend" Marions fiend.png Marion's fiend To destroy Charlotte Marion
"Tornado" Tornado.png Tornado fiend To take Charlotte far away from Clamburg Vendetta
"Shorts: Set 2" Dragon fiend.png Dragon fiend To destroy Charlotte and The Land of Cheese
"Pony" John the Pony.png John the Pony To be Charlotte's pony and destroy her

Web series

Episode Picture Name Task Creator
"New Student" Invisible.png Grudge To be Vendetta's henchman Vendetta
Red bird fiend To keep an eye on Mr. Milk
"Show and Tell" Monkey fiend.png Monkey fiend To cause chaos at Show and Tell.
"Vegetables" Toad fiend To keep an eye on Mrs. Millet
Vegetable fiends To cause chaos in the school cafeteria
"Scissor Fiend" Buttons 2 To cut Charlotte
"Halloween" Sugar cookie fiend To kill Charlotte and others for their blood
"Kitty Kitty Kitty" Giant Kitty
Flea fiends Make Giant Kitty angry again
"Shrinking Slug" Shrinking slug fiend To make Charlotte small and eat her
Gianting squid fiends To make Vendetta big again
"Birthday" Party hat fiend, Present fiend To eat Charlotte.
"Mrs. Minty" Pencil fiends To take Mrs. Minty away.
"Feeding Pets" Electic eel fiends, Chompy bat fiends, Big toothy plant fiend, Flea fiends, Bear fiend, Crocodile fiends To lure Charlotte to pet-sit them and kill her.
"Election" Table fiend, Punch fiend To scare Marion and punch people.
"Invisible" Web13.png Invisible fiend To kill Charlotte
"Wonderful Wintry Day" Rectangular tentacle fiend, Snowflakes fiends To give Mr. Milk a note, and eat the students.
"Valentine's Day" Web15.png Heart fiend To rip out people's hearts
"Rainy Day Schedule" Library fiends To go crazy with activities
"April Fool's" Color blind fiends, Fire-breathing butterfly fiend To seize The Blue One, and send her to Space.
"Rubella" Rubella2.png Rubella To replace Grudge
"Concrete Shoes" Fiends To attack students
"The End of All Things" Vendetta statue fiend A gift for Vendetta Charlotte