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"If I Lived Upon the Moon"/"If You Lived Upon the Moon"
Episode: "Shorts: Set 2"
Sung by: Charlotte
Length: 1:31

"If I Lived Upon the Moon" is a song performed by Charlotte in the episode "Shorts: Set 2". When Charlotte was done, Vendetta sang an alternate version called "If You Lived Upon the Moon".


Charlotte: If I lived upon the moon,
I'd be as happy as can be,
Because the moon is lots of fun,
With many things to see.
If I lived upon the moon,
I could skip really high,
I would leap off of moon rocks and pretend to fly.

The moon is full and bright,
The moon is big and round,
If I had a rover,
I'd drive it all around,
Maybe I'd find a moon cave,
Maybe I will find cheese,
If there were moon flowers,
Perhaps I'd raise moon bees.

If I lived upon the moon,
It would be so much fun,
I would take a rocket and bring up everyone!

Vendetta: If you lived upon the moon,
I'd be happy for you would be
Many, many thousands of miles away from me.
If you lived upon the moon,
You would get sick and gray,
And hopefully, you'd jump too high and drift far away.

The moon is full of dust,
The moon does not have air,
If you fell in a crater, nobody would care.
Maybe you'll get hit by a rover.
Maybe you'd fall in a pit,
If there was a meteor shower, perhaps you would get hit.

If you lived upon the moon what fun times I would have.
I'd watch you though my telescope and laugh and laugh and laugh!