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The Giant Pet Supplies Store.

Giant Pet Supplies is a store located in downtown Clamburg. The store sells pet supplies for bigger pets, like Giant Kitty and Grudge. Mr. Gumpit is the store clerk and possibly the owner as well. A commercial is featured in "The Land of Cheese."

Commercial Script

Little Girl: Mom! Look what followed me home! Can I keep it?

Mom: My goodness! How will we ever take care of that?

Deep Voice: Why not visit The Giant Pet Supplies Store? It features a full range of suppies for all your giant pet needs. Hamster food in fifty-pound bags! (boom) Barrels of fish food! (crunch) Thirty-feet tall bird cages! (screech) Man-sized chew toys! (whistles, chomp) And flea collars, from extra large to extra extra extra extra extra extra extra extra large! Located in Downtown Clamburg, beetween the Hats Shop (Ding) and the Discount Clam emporium (Ding).

Little Girl: At Last! I have a friend!

Mom: Thank you Giant Pet Supplies Store!

Big Bunny: Hisssssssssssss!