Giant Kitty
Giant Kitty
Giant Kitty in the TV series.
Nick name(s): Giant Cat
Gender: Male
Species: Fiend
Hometown: Clamburg
Voiced by: Amy Winfrey
First appearance
Web series:
  "New Student"
TV series:
  "Charlotte's First Day"
Giant Kitty, or Giant Cat (voiced by Amy Winfrey) is Vendetta's first fiend. He is very fickle and destructive, and does not obey Vendetta's commands. Charlotte spends a lot of time with him, much to Vendetta's dismay. He despises taking baths, and has saved Charlotte from Vendetta's fiends several times, probably by accident.
Giant kitty

Giant Kitty, as seen in the Web series.

Fiendish Trivia Edit

  • The Kitty might be a reference to one of Amy Winfrey's previous cartoons, Big Bunny.
  • He has an exit in his stomach.