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"Feeding Pets"
Charlotte and Vendetta's "How to feed my fiends" list.
Episode number: Web season 1
Episode 10
Air date: July 9, 2004
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

The tenth episode of the Making Fiends web series originally aired on July 9, 2004 at the Making Fiends website. In the episode, Vendetta pretends that she is going on vacation to Florida, so Charlotte can feed her fiends.


Charlotte shows Frederick, a canary, to Vendetta, which she is looking after when her neighbor is out of town. Charlotte suggests that she can look after Vendetta's pets when she is on vacation. Vendetta lies, saying that she is going to Florida over the weekend and leaves Charlotte "in charge" of her fiends. Vendetta gives Charlotte the key to her house.

Later, in Vendetta's house, Charlotte arrives and sees Vendetta's written instructions on how to feed her fiends. She feeds the fiends, and dresses like a fly and dances in front of a "big toothy plant" in the garden. She then realizes that Vendetta "forgot" to write what to feed the plant, and gives it a cupcake she had in her pocket, which kills the plant. It is then to the viewer revealed that Vendetta is hiding behind the bushes.

Charlotte keeps on feeding the fiends, and is then down to the last thing on the list. It says that she has to put on a hat that says "cat" on it, which means the Giant Kitty's food bowl. She puts it on, starts singing and call for the cat to come. When the cat comes and eats her, Vendetta pops out of the bushes and is happy that Charlotte is gone.


  • Electric eel fiends
  • Chompy bat fiends
  • Big toothy plant fiend
  • Flea fiends
  • Bear fiend
  • Crocodile fiends


Memorable quotes

Vendetta: Does he bite?
Charlotte: No.
Vendetta: That is too bad.

Charlotte: I like to pet-sit! Maybe when you go on vacation, I can look after your pets!
Vendetta: Why would I want you to look after my fiends? You are stupid! Oh, wait. Yes, I think I'm going to, hmm... Florida this weekend.
Charlotte: Oh yay! What are you going to do in Florida?
Vendetta: I am going to crush oranges!
Charlotte: Yippee!

Charlotte: (singing) Oh what a happy day! I get to feed your pets, hooray!

Vendetta: Argh!
Charlotte. What was that?
Vendetta: Nothing.
Charlotte: Oh, okay.

Background information

  • The episode continues in "No More Charlotte".
  • The episode was originally titled "Pet Sitting", but its title was subsequently changed to "Feeding Pets".[1]
  • The hidden message in the episode is: "The TENTH episode of Making Fiends by Amy Winfrey. Charlotte gets to feed Vendetta's pets. Even the Giant Kitty!"
  • Some of the tasks on the "How to feed my fiends" list:
2. Feed the electric eels. Make sure to lean far over the tank.
3. Give ice cream to chompy bats.
4. Dress up like a fly and dance around the big toothy plant in the garden.
5. Feed gumdrops to invisible shrimps.
?. Find the red hat that says "cat" on it and put it on your head. It is the latest fashion from France. Now call the giant cat to come to dinner.