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The president debate.
Episode number: Web season 2
Episode 2
Air date: October 12, 2004
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

The twelfth episode of the Making Fiends web series originally aired on October 12, 2004 at the Making Fiends website. In the episode, Vendetta calls for an election for class president. Charlotte nominates Marion, against her own will, while Vendetta nominates Marvin to try to beat Charlotte.


Charlotte reminds everyone that it is former president Chester A. Arthur's birthday. She comes up with the idea that they should have a class president. Vendetta decides that they will have an election when she is certain that Charlotte will nominate her. Charlotte instead nominates Marion. Vendetta nominates Marvin.

At the debate, Vendetta interrupts Marvin's speech and a fiend scares away Marion, so Marvin won the debate. Then it is time to vote. Vendetta threatens everyone to vote right, or they will be punched by a fiend. Everyone votes, and Marvin wins by 182 votes to 1. The fiend punches Marvin and Vendetta takes over as president.


  • Table fiend
  • Punch fiend


Memorable quotes

Charlotte: Yay, yay, yay for Chester A!
Vendetta: Go away!
Charlotte: But Vendetta, this is a very important month, with a very important holiday!
Marion: Ha-halloween?
Charlotte: No! Chester A. Arthur's birthday! It's today!
Vendetta: That is a stupid name.

Vendetta: What do class presidents get to do?
Charlotte: Lots of stuff!
Vendetta: Do they get to crush their enemies into little tiny bits?
Charlotte: Maybe!

Charlotte: I nominate... Marion!
Vendetta: What?!
Charlotte: Marion let me borrow a paper clip today. That's nice!
Marion: But I don't wanna-
Charlotte: I think she'll make a good president!

Marvin: Fellow classmates, my opponent-
Vendetta very stupid and will not make a good president!
Marion: But, but-
Charlotte: Yes she would! And if she wins, everybody will get a puppy!
Marion: I'm allergic to puppies.
Charlotte: Hee hee!

Background information

  • We find out in this episode that Marion is allergic to puppies.
  • The hidden message in this episode is: The TWELTH episode of Making Fiends by Amy Winfrey. It's Chester A Arthur's Birthday!
  • Charlotte's vote song became its own song in 2016.