Episode: "Shorts: Set 2"
Sung by: Charlotte
Length: 0:33
Making Fiends - Cheese
Making Fiends - Cheese

"Cheese" is a song performed by Charlotte and Vendetta in the episode "Shorts: Set 2".


Charlotte: Cheese is better with your best friend Vendetta: Cheddar's nicer when there are two  Charlotte: Cheese is best when you can share  Vendetta: Swiss is better with me and you

Together: Cheese, cheese, cheese oh let us share  Any cheeses without care Cheese, cheese, cheese with a friend  Let's all eat till the cheese's end

Charlotte: Cheese is good when you're together  Vendetta: Gouda's so very tasty when there are two  Charlotte: Cheese is best with your best friend Together: ...and Cheddar's better when there are two

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