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"Charlotte's First Day"
Vendetta chocked.png
Vendetta shocked after Charlotte said we're going to be friends forever.
Episode number: Season 1
Episode 1
Air date: October 4, 2008 (Nicktoons Network)
October 5, 2008 (Nickelodeon)
November 26, 2011 (The 90s Are All That)
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Supervising director: Dave Wasson
Directed by: Dave Knott
Storyboard by: Mike Moloney
Do you have everything you need for your first day? Paper, pencils, spark plugs, lemon drops?


Charlotte arrives in Clamburg with her grandmother Charlene. Charlotte immediately thinks that a girl named Vendetta likes her and wants to be best friends, not realizing that she is evil and wants to "destroy" her.

Plot summary

Charlotte, an optimistic and happy girl from Vermont, arrives at her new school in the town of Clamburg. After meeting the Giant Kitty in the school yard, she enters her new class room; room 4. She meets her teacher, Mr. Milk. After a while, Vendetta enters the room with her giant hamster, Grudge. Charlotte tries to "befriend" with Vendetta, and says she has a "pretty name". She eventually thinks they are best friends.

The "tentacled fiend".

Later at recess, Charlotte annoys Vendetta with singing and her extreme happiness. The next day at show and tell, Charlotte shows her hamster, Buttons, and a rock that Vendetta gave her. Vendetta brought a squid-like fiend, which Charlotte immediately thinks is a monkey (because in the original web series, it really looked like a monkey). The fiend takes Charlotte out to the yard, holding her in its tentacles. Vendetta leaves the school to get some clam ice cream. Just when the fiend is about to eat Charlotte, the Giant Kitty comes to her rescue. When Charlotte introduces Buttons to the Giant Kitty, it starts chasing Buttons and accidentally destroys parts of school yard.

Vendetta returns to the school and sees that Charlotte is still alive. Charlotte declares that she and Vendetta are "going to be best friends forever and ever," a concept that leaves Vendetta speechless with dread as the episode ends.



Memorable quotes

Charlene: Do you have everything you need for your first day? Paper, pencils, spark plugs, lemon drops?
Charlotte: Oh, yes! This is going to be the best first day ever!
Charlene: Try to make at least one new friend.
Charlotte: I will!

Marion: You need to watch out for her. She makes things. Hideous things.

Charlotte: Oh, What a cute bear you have.

Marvin: ...and that's how this banana saved my life.

Mr. Milk: Uh... Charlotte, what did you bring to show and tell?
Charlotte: This is Buttons. He's my hamster. He's my favorite hamster in the whole world. And I also have this. It's a pretty rock. Vendetta gave it to me.
Vendetta: I threw it at you!
Charlotte: Vendetta is soooo nice!

Marvin: My banana!

Charlotte: [to the fiend] Hee-hee, you look like a monkey.

Charlotte: Look, I brought you a friend. Mr. Giant Cat, this is Buttons. He likes peanuts and buttons!

Vendetta: You! Stay away from my fiends!
Charlotte: Okay. What's your favorite kind of monkey?
Vendetta: What?!

Charlotte: We'd better get back to class. [singing] Monkeys stay up late-
[Vendetta throws clam ice cream at Charlotte.]
Charlotte: Oh! Thanks, Vendetta! I just know we're going to be friends forever and ever! [singing] Monkeys never wait for buses, 'cause they have nowhere to be!

Differences from the web cartoon version(s)

  • In New Student, Charlene doesn't appear, in this episode, she does.
  • In Show and Tell, Marion did her show and tell before Charlotte. In this episode, Marvin does his show and tell before Charlotte.
  • In webisode 2, Malachi says "Tempt not yon hell cat," in this episode, he says "Tempt not yon fiend cat," presumably so the episode wouldn't be too profane. Also, Charlotte doesn't reply to Malachi in the episode like she did in the web cartoon.
  • In webisode 2, Vendetta makes a monkey fiend. In this episode, she makes a tentacled fiend.
  • The first verse of Charlotte's monkey song in this episode was the second verse in webisode 2.


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Background Information

  • The episode is a remake of Web episode 1 and Web episode 2.
  • The episode premiered on October 4, 2008 on Nicktoons Network and October 5, 2008 on Nickelodeon.
  • Vendetta created a black tentacled fiend to destroy Charlotte.
  • Charlotte's grandmother Charlene was not featured in the web series.
  • Marvin is showing his banana before Vendetta shows the fiend. In the web series, Marion is showing her glass horse.
  • The fiend Vendetta brings to class is a huge, black, tentacled thing. In the web series, it is a red monkey. That's probably why Charlotte says he looks like a monkey.
  • In the end credits, "first" in "Charlotte's First Day" is misspelled as "fisrt".
  • This is the first episode in the TV series.