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Gender: Female
Hometown: Vermont
Voiced by: Amy Winfrey
Charlotte's family
First appearance
TV series:
  "Charlotte's First Day"

Charlene is Charlotte's cheerful grandmother. She and Charlotte are both happy, outgoing, kind and unaware of evil. Like Charlotte, she is voiced by creator Amy Winfrey. Charlene did not appear in the web series as she was introduced in the television series when the content was expanded. Charlene runs a store called Grandma Charlene's Candy and Auto Parts.


Charlene is Charlotte's extremely cheery grandmother. She and Charlotte had just moved from Vermont. Charlene first appeared when she dropped Charlotte off at school for the first time. Charlene runs a store called Grandma Charlene's Candy and Auto Parts, where she sells everything from lemon drops to brake cables. A commercial for the store airs on television, as seen in "Parentnapped". She is also a member of the book club and a friend of Ms. Minty's.



Her personality is essentially that of an older Charlotte. She is outgoing and ignorant of all that might be bad or harmful. She can make almost anything out of lemon drops and brake cables. She has a gigantic bookcase full of cookbooks in her kitchen, and says that she loves cookbooks because they have "so many pretty pictures and nice recipes". Charlene is convinced that Charlotte's parents are "astronauts on a space station". This is however unclear. This could have been something Charlene said to Charlotte to not make her sad. Like Charlotte, Charlene doesn't really see anything evil in the world. In fact, she thinks Vendetta is a "sweet girl". Charlene uses a lot of sugar when she bakes. Like Vendetta, she is seen to like clams, beef jerky and grape punch.


Charlene in her kitchen making cookies.

Charlene has very light blue and a little chubby. She wears a sweater and a pretty short skirt. Her haircut is similar to Charlotte's but a little shorter. She has two ribbons in her hair. Despite being most likely elderly, she doesn't have any wrinkles and appears to have aged quite well.

Fiendish Trivia

  • Charlene's original design had a darker shade of blue. You can still see it in the earlier episodes of the TV series.