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The following is a list of main, recurring and minor characters on Making Fiends.

Main characters

Picture Name Description
Vendetta Vendetta The evil main character. She is a green schoolgirl that makes homemade fiends.
Charlotte Charlotte The good main character. She is a blue happy girl that really doesn't see anything evil in the world.
Grudge Grudge Vendetta's giant hamster fiend and sidekick. He is usually called "Hamster" by Vendetta.

Secondary characters

Picture Name Description
Mr. Milk Mr. Milk Vendetta and Charlotte's teacher in room four at Mu Elementary. He is seen to be constantly nervous.
Marvin Marvin The dark green schoolboy in Vendetta and Charlotte's class. He frequently has his property or person vandalized by Vendetta's fiends.
Marion Marion The light blue, overweight and timid schoolgirl who sits next to Charlotte. She has shown fear to Vendetta, but took a liking to her in New Best Friend.
Malachi Malachi The dark purple schoolboy that speaks in Elizabethan English phrases.
Maggie Maggie The dark blue schoolgirl who has lost all of her hope. She spends her free time writing poetry.
Mort Mort The blue-gray schoolboy that is "friendly to the extreme".
Charlene Charlene Charlotte's cheerful grandmother that has a personality like Charlotte.
Buttons Buttons Charlotte's "favorite hamster in the whole world".
Giant Kitty Giant Kitty Vendetta's first fiend that Charlotte really likes.
Buttons 2 Buttons 2 The fiend Vendetta made to attack Charlotte that looks like a bird. It can cut things with its scissor-like beak. Charlotte named it Buttons 2.
Violeta Violeta Vendetta's tiny yellow-green mother.
Viktor Viktor Vendetta's tiny dark green father.
Ms. Minty Ms. Minty The mint-colored teacher that Mr. Milk has a crush on.
Mrs. Millet Mrs. Millet The lunch lady at the school. A red frog fiend watches over her.
Mr. Gumpit Mr. Gumpit The purple owner of the Giant Pet Supplies store in Clamburg.
Onion Man Onion Man The owner of the onion stand in Clamburg. As revealed in "Parents", he is Maggie's father.
Charlotte with her parents. Charlotte's parents According to Charlotte and her grandmother, Charlotte's parents are astronauts. They only appear in a picture.


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