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Big Bunny as seen on the website

Big Bunny is web cartoon created by Amy Winfrey while she was a graduate student at UCLA. Winfrey voices all of the characters, except for the bunny who is voiced by Peter Merryman. Winfrey made seven episodes between 2001 and 2004.


Big Bunny is a giant, pink, serious bunny with sharp teeth and a loud, booming voice. He is very loquacious and speaks with humorously broken up speech. He likes to seduce children with weird and humorously disturbing stories with anticlimactic endings. He wants to eat every living thing in sight, including the children. He does not state this outright, but constantly makes insinuations to his gluttonous intentions with emphasized adjectives like "delicious," "yummy," "tender," and "scrumptious" strewn throughout his sentences.


# Title Premiere date
"The Delicious Dog"
December 30, 2001
Big Bunny meets Suzy, Lulu and Sam for the first time. Their dog, Muffin, runs into a forest. The children chase him but cannot find him. In the forest, they meet Big Bunny, who tells them a story about the Delicious Dog. After the children leave, Big Bunny tells them to drink lots of milkshakes and eat lots of sausages. After that, he pulls out a large Tupperware container with the dog inside.
January 4, 2002
The friends start out going back into the forest to see Big Bunny. Big Bunny then tells them a story about a turnip that was eaten by a king. The turnip's friends start a revolution and the story ends with vegetables ruling the kingdom. As the children leave, Big Bunny reminds them to eat lots of French Fries with mayonnaise. and asks them to bring him a cat.
February 5, 2002
This episode starts out with the friends in the woods greeting Big Bunny with a cat from Ms. Grundimier's front porch. Then, Big Bunny tells them a story about a girl who sells her soul to the devil but eventually repents and goes to heaven. After the story, Big Bunny tells the children to eat lots of Gouda.
March 3, 2003
Big Bunny tells a story about a blue bird who died and rose from the dead three days later and eats flesh of the living. Big Bunny ends the episode by telling the friends to eat plenty of candy and egg yolks.
April 5, 2003
Big Bunny tells the children a story about a "red squirrel," who is actually Big Bunny. He tells of the "squirrel" inviting his enemies to dinner, where he kills them and makes them into pie. He then sends the pie to all who declined his invitation. The episode ends with Big Bunny reminding the children to eat plenty of roast beef, or try some lamb.
February 5, 2004
Big Bunny tells a story about a paper clip who has affairs with a notepad while married to a staple. The episode ends when Big Bunny tells the friends to bring another friend of theirs so there is more kids to listen to his stories. He also tells the friends to eat plenty of butter pats and share them with their friends.
February 10, 2004
The final episode starts out with the three friends going into the woods. On their way, they see a sign that reads: "Crusty Pines phase III; coming soon, forest demolition starts tomorrow." The friends jump over the fence to warn Big Bunny his home will be destroyed. Big Bunny then tells a story of the man who bought a jacket. The cashier told him to never put his hand in the left pocket, but one day the man did and the pocket ate his hand. He then returned the jacket in anger and bought a sweater. The episode ends with Big Bunny saying he is moving on to plumper pastures, and asks the children to go with him. Suzy refuses to go and says they can't just leave as the basket they are in is not a "house" After they leave, she tells them to eat lots of carrots. After, the scene cuts out her saying, "Dumb bunny."

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