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"April Fool's"
Vendetta and Charlotte on the rocket.
Episode number: Web season 2
Episode 7
Air date: April 3, 2005
Written by: Amy Winfrey
Directed by: Amy Winfrey
Animated by: Amy Winfrey

"April Fool's" is the seventeenth episode of the Making Fiends web series. The episode sees Vendetta plotting a plan to send Charlotte into space because of her annoying jokes.


Charlotte annoys Vendetta with her April Fool's jokes. Vendetta then tells her to meet her at the park for a big surprise. Later, in the park, Vendetta has set up a rocket which Charlotte shows interest in. Vendetta orders three fiends to seize "the blue one" onto the rocket, but they seize her instead. Charlotte tells Vendetta that she thinks the fiends are color blind, meaning that they cannot see the difference between "mossy green" and "powder blue". One of the fiends light the rocket up, and Charlotte joins Vendetta on the rocket. Scissor fiend cut the rope for the rocket, and the fire goes out. Suddenly, a fire-breathing butterfly lits it again and they are fired into space. In space, Charlotte starts singing "Shiny Shiny Puny Star".

On Earth, one of the fiends had been stuck to the rope of the rocket. The Giant Kitty eats him, and drags the rocket back to Earth.



Memorable quotes

Charlotte: I am dying of pains of the spleen! (falls to the ground)
Vendetta: Oh. She is not breathing. This is the happiest day of my life. Ah...ha ha ha ha!
Charlotte: (stands up) April Fool's!

Charlotte: Oh! A rocket!
Vendetta: Yes. I am sending you to space so that you can annoy the planets.
Charlotte: No way man!
Vendetta: What!
Charlotte: April fool's! I'd love to go!

Vendetta: Why did I make fire breathing butterflies?!

Fiend: I am attached to the rope!

Fiend: There is a rope around my ankle! (accidentally takes Marvin's ice cream)
Marvin: Ice cream of mine!

Fiend: I don't even like ice cream!

Fiend: Especially not banana nut!

Fiend: If hedgehog was a flavor maybe I'd like it...

Charlotte: Oh! I think I broke something!
Vendetta: Heh heh heh. Good.
Charlotte: April fool's! Teehee!

Background information

  • The entire episode is in Bulgarian (for some strange reason) with English subtitles that are intentionally incorrect. When Vendetta was just screaming "aaah!" the subtitle read, "Why did I make fire breathing butterflies?!"
  • The end credits are also written in Bulgarian with English subtitles that read, "Created, written and animaticized by Yam Winfrey", "Vendetta accurately voiced by Ms. Aglaia Mortcheva", "Yelling fiend and Marvin shouted by Peter Merrymad", "Charlotte and Red Kitty Cat haphazardly provided by Amy Winfrey" and " is pretty".
  • Charlotte says "Ден на шегата" (Den na shegata) throughout the episode, which means "April fool's" in Bulgarian.
  • The hidden message reads:

The SEVENTEENTH episode of Making Fiends by Amy Winfrey. April Fool's! Den na shegata!


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